(EWF)was created in 1999 by Anderman Ceramics working with e-Zone UK Ltd., as the beginnings of a global e-commerce platform for the ceramics industry. At this time EWF pioneered the innovation of bringing together a strategic alliance of leading international technical ceramic manufacturers and distributors into one digital space. The platform has evolved several times over the last 20 years into its latest manifestation, designed to deliver a superb client experience in our fast-paced digital world and offers an extensive range of standard technical ceramic products / parts on-line as well as an express enquiry service for custom-design components.  EWF is focussed primarily on serving industrial consumers of technical ceramic parts and components for use in heat treatment, electrical, chemical and corrosion, and wear applications.

Since 1999, e-Zone UK Ltd. have been working closely with Anderman developing its global precence though a set of multilanguage sites and social media activity. One of the Directors of e-Zone, Jean Paterson, is now also a Director of Anderman, cementing that relationship.

More information is available on the company website , where mutiple language versions are available.

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