The Anderman Group

Welcome from Managing Director Dr John Verrier

Our group was established in 1947 and is still thriving today with operations in UK, France, USA, China and S.E Asia and supply partners worldwide. The company is focussed on two principal businesses in advanced industrial ceramic materials and high voltage electrical transmission systems.

Advanced Industrial ceramics is our core business activity delivering supply chain solutions to major industries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Our goal is to solve people’s problems using all forms of ceramic materials and building long term partnerships with manufacturing and customers.
I joined the ceramics business in 1991 and in my time have seen many changes in technology and the way we work, live and function. Throughout this time the drive by industry for greater efficiency, and new product demand, has seen an exponential increase in the use of ceramics for many applications once thought near impossible. As a company it has been a fantastic time to be involved in this and we are looking forwards to a future encompassing even more materials technology changes.
Anderman Power Services is a specialised business providing localised support for manufacturers of electricity transmission and distribution equipment.  The business is focussed on bringing systems and technology to improve efficiency within the markets that it operates. As the world expands the need for constant electricity supply becomes more critical and our company is pleased to play a key role within this.

We are committed to grow our 2 core businesses through the addition of new and innovative products that add value to the supply chains of our customer and supply partners.

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John Verrier

Anderman Ceramics

Established in London, UK in 1947, Anderman Ceramics has expanded significantly in recent years and currently employs 20 staff in worldwide locations with a combined annual turnover approaching £5m.

Anderman Power Services

Anderman Power Services provides localised UK and France representation for manufacturers of electricity transmission and distribution equipment.

Online Business Units

Anderman Group's online business was created in 1998 by Anderman Ceramics as the beginnings of a global e-commerce platform for the ceramics industry.